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IT World specialise in Onsite Computer Repairs, PC Repairs, Laptop Repairs, Computer Support, PC Support,

Computer Technicians, Network Services, IT Support Hard drive data recovery and Computer Repairs in Melbourne Australia.


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Office PC upgrades

Computer & Laptop Services

Our clients ask for Fast, hassle free and reliable service when they need computer repairs without digging to much into their pockets!

I.T world offers a wide range of on-site IT Computer & Laptop Services serving home and small business users.  This includes PC computer and laptop repairs, maintenance, IT support and upgrades. 

No matter if your problem is simple or more complex we are happy to assist and provide you with the most helpful solution in having your laptop or computer repaired as soon as possible at a competitive rate. 

We at I.T world provide fast and reliable service to our clients. We provide on-site and remote location consultations – the choice is yours!

Why IT World?
Simple we provide the following:-


Repairs and Upgrades

No matter how good the specifications on your PC or laptop were when you first brought it; it’s a fact that computers age quickly. We at I.T world can upgrade your PC at a reasonable cost. 

We are happy to work together with you on a fully computer upgrade solution and taking into account your existing hardware and software, desires and budget.  From a simple laptop memory upgrade right through to a total system overhaul, you can trust us to deliver the right solution at a great price.

We are fully trained in fitting all computer hardware including motherboards, RAM, processors, CD/DVD drives and hard disks.

Alternatively you may decide to go for a brand new computer system with all the modern bells and whistles, WE CAN ASSIST YOU with that too.

System Optimisation

Due to the increase in the amount of time we spend on computers these days downloading files, installing and removing applications and devices, system crashes and halts it is common that your computer becomes clogged and cluttered with unnecessary files causing all sort of problem to your computer.

It is necessary to increase the performance of your computer by performing routine system maintenance tasks.  Call us today to discuss your options.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Some of these things may happen to you because your computer may be infested with malicious software or a computer virus. 
Computer viruses are everywhere and with the consistent use of the internet and endless communication between computers, viruses are spreading faster than ever.  If the virus is untreated quickly or ignored it may affect your computer and software preventing from further use.

We at I.T world are the experts in restoring your computer and removing unwanted viruses. Call us today to arrange an appointment for one of our technicians to meet with you in person and discuss your options.  We encourage and install spy-ware to prevent your computer or laptop being affected from further viruses.

Data Recovery

It is imperative that in all business whether big or small or in the privacy in your own home that all data is protected.  In order to protect your organisations/personal data you need to implement a data backup and recovery plan. 

We at I.T world can assist you setting up ways to backup your files and data in order to prevent accidental loss of user data, database corruption, hardware failures and even natural disasters.  Once a plan is set up it is up to each administrator to make sure the backups are performed and the backup tapes/discs are stored in a secure location.

Contact us today so we can figure out a backup plan to suit your personal or business use that is practical for your use.

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